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Our Approach

Restore confidence to be able to look to the future.


Texel Strategic Restructuring

Our approach

Find the way back to growth and profitability while involving all stakeholders is Texel’s specialty. This is the mission that distressed companies hire her for. 


This type of intervention requires the ability to manage and quickly gather teams around a turnaround strategy. This is how Cédric Dugardin led the restructuring of Quick, which regained a high level of profitability in 6 months and without job reductions. In the most demanding cases, such as the restructuring of Presstalis, a historical player in a highly regulated sector, he did unite a wide variety of stakeholders – employees, trade unions, creditors, public authorities and shareholders – and bring out a common will to save the company.


Whether the restructuring is financial or operational, Dugardin intervenes at critical moments in the life of organizations, with a clear objective: restore confidence to overcome the crisis.

"Gather energies and project them forward"

Cédric Dugardin




Intervention methods

Texel Strategic Restructuring offers several types of services :
– Crisis management
– Restructuring
– Advice to managers or management teams
– Support to investors in the analysis or research of targets, in sector expertise or in operational and financial expertise
– Strategic advice
– Advice to shareholders 

Cédric Dugardin’s intervention methods vary depending on the context and needs :
– Advice
– Chief Executive Officer
– Chief Restructuring Officer
– Board member


Intervention exemples

In an industry very weakened by the covid crisis, avoid the bankruptcy of the financial guarantee fund serving tourism professionals in France: risk assessment, development and negotiation with the public authorities of a solution to end the crisis, overhaul of the association’s governance and its financial and insurance strategy, fundraising, renegotiation of contracts with members.

Implementation of the new press distribution activity with the teams and structures taken over from Presstalis.


Make a structurally loss-making and bankrupt group viable in order to preserve press distribution in France: negotiation with the public authorities and shareholders to develop and finance the restructuring plan and the recovery plan; preparation and management of the group’s judicial liquidation and the creation of France Messagerie, an asset takeover structure; successful restructuring with the unanimous agreement of the trade unions and without social conflict, despite the reduction of 2/3 of the workforce.

In a context of change in governance and serious financial difficulties, restore the group’s profitability (€ 3 billion in sales, 18,000 employees including 9,000 in France) with a disposal objective: development, launch and management of a restructuring and transformation plan for the group (closure of 42 stores, elimination of 1,900 jobs ); negotiation with unions; support for the transition and reorganization of the management team; impetus for a new strategic vision.

Renegotiation of a debt of € 2.6 billion on behalf of this listed group in industrial services ; disparate pool of around forty French and foreign banks and leasers; active participation in the recovery of the company, management of bank negotiations, management of advisors, definition of scenarios.

In this multinational industrial group under LBO, assessment and preparation of a restructuring plan for French activities.

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Cédric Dugardin

Texel Strategic Restructuring | Cédric Dugardin | Dirigeant

An expert in the turnaround of businesses, crisis management, restructuring and transformation, Cédric Dugardin intervenes in a wide range of sectors and industries, with significant experience in complex and high stakes environments.

After starting his career at PwC and Seita-Altadis, he has, among other achievements, successfully led the turnaround of Quick, a major fast-food chain, the restructuring of Conforama, a leading furniture retailer and more recently, the winding up of Presstalis Group, France’s number one press distribution business. The group’s assets were taken over by its successor, France Messagerie, led by Cédric Dugardin until February 2021.

« My management is authentic and direct. I do what I say and I say what I do. It is very useful unsocial negotiations where you have to explain and convince ».

Dugardin is an administrator of IKKS Group. He is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, the Sorbonne University, and the London School of Economics.